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Why Choose Go Green Auto Recycling

Go Green Auto Recycling provides the Edmonton area with junk car removal for all vehicles, no matter their condition or age. We provide local residents with a service that allows you to get rid of those old junk cars that are taking up space on your property without paying a dime in towing or disposal fees.

In fact, when you contact Go Green Auto Recycling, we pay you cash for your junk cars!

We work in every area around Edmonton, offering cash for clunkers and junk cars that are at the end of their lifespan. A vehicle can only be useful for so
long before its time to retire it. Instead of disposing of the vehicle to sit and rust in a junk yard, contact us and let us come
take the junk car off your hands. We pay top dollar and give you cash on the spot for your cars.

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Why You Should Recycle your Junk Car for Cash

Vehicles that sit and are left to sit and waste away create a lot of potential problems not only for the owner but for the
surrounding community. Likewise, ‘junk cars’ that are still operating on the road can create additional issues. The laundry list
of problems is extensive – here’s just a taste of some of the issues of turning down junk car removal and getting cash for clunkers

Poor Emissions

Excessive Use of Fuel

Costly Upkeep

Expensive or Difficult to Find Parts

Chemical/Fluid Leaks (Environmental Hazards)


Unsafe for Travel

Target for Vandalism

Likewise, thousands of vehicles are disposed of illegally every year while others sit and rot in junk yards. Those
cars contain limited natural resources and other materials that can be reused to not only make new vehicles but to
produce other products. When you contact us to get cash for junk cars you’re helping to rebuild a better world
based on Green Technology, renewable energy and conservation of our limited natural resources. We’ve only got
one planet and by calling us for cash for clunkers we can work together to help lengthen the life of our home.

Even if we just clean up Edmonton through junk car removal and recycling, we’re at least making a difference here
at home.

Junk Car Removal and Car Recycling is Our Specialty - Go Green & Earn some
Green Today

Call Today for Immediate and Free Junk Car Removal
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We offer recycling of the following vehicles

Cash for Clunkers - Junk Car Recycling

The standard car is the most common type of vehicle
used. Even families with additional vehicles like
trucks use their cars for common tasks, thus running
up the miles. If your car is at the end of its life then
call us for junk car recycling in Edmonton and get
cash for your car today.

Cash for Clunkers - Mini Van Recycling

The minivan is like the military frontline vehicle for
soccer moms and families everywhere. While they
can take a beating and keep on running they won’t
last forever. When it comes time to replace your
minivan, contact us for junk car removal in Edmonton
and you can get cash for your vehicle the same day.

Cash for Clunkers - Pickup Truck

Whether you’ve got a small pickup truck or a heavy
duty truck that doesn’t pull its weight anymore, we
can get that junk car off your hands fast. Car
recycling applies to vehicles of all styles and sizes,
including domestic, light duty and heavy duty trucks
in Edmonton

Cash for Clunkers - Trailer

If your trailer has seen a lot of use in its day then
there’s a good chance it’s not exactly road-worthy
any longer. It doesn’t have to have an engine in it for
us to come and help you with car recycling and junk
car removal. We’ll do junk trailer removal as well -
and you still get same day cash.

Cash for Clunkers - Motorcycle

When the motorcycle quits working, owners sometimes
can’t stand to part with them and often stow them in the garage where they sit for years before finally being
junked. If its beyond repair then now is the best time
to call for junk car removal and car recycling. At least
this way you make cash immediately.

Cash for Clunkers - Bus

What do you do with a massive charter or school bus
that’s well beyond its prime? You can recycle it for cash
or use it as a prop in an action flick where someone blows
it up. If you’re not in the business to make movies in
Edmonton then contact us to get cash for your junk
car…or bus.

Legislation requires that you
follow a specific process when
disposing of and recycling your
vehicle (and the many parts
within). Trust your car recycling
to a company that deals in cash
for junk cars - and does it by the
Our Mission
There are too many scrap car
towing companies offering junk
car removal and cash for scrap
cars that are out to cheat you.
It's our mission to offer the fastest
pickup with the highest payout on
junk cars.
Be Aware
That scrap car sitting on your
property is worth more than you
think. Before selling it for parts or
donating it, contact us or use the
form above to find out how much
cash for junk cars you will
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